COVID-19 Information

Last updated: August 20, 2020 – 2:45 p.m. PDT

Update to Required Documents of Permanent Resident Applicants

Applicants with Permanent Resident status will no longer be required to share a current non-Canadian passport on Physicians Apply. IMGBC accepts Permanent Residency Card or Confirmation of Permanent Residence as proof of permanent Canadian residency. Please review Step 2 in the Application Process page for details.

A notarized or certified copy of your citizenship document is not required by IMGBC; however, it will be required by CaRMS. Please note that CaRMS BC only accepts current Canadian Permanent Residency Cards and does not accept Confirmation of Permanent Residency. We recommend reviewing the list of acceptable documents carefully.

Important Changes to the 2020 CAP Multiple-Mini Interview (Updated August 14)

In continuing to support physical distancing during the pandemic, the 2020 Clinical Assessment Program Multiple-Mini Interview will be delivered virtually on Saturday, January 16, 2021. This cycle, MMI will be held remotely and candidates are not required to travel for this examination. Please note that the CAP eligibility requirements and the application process remain unchanged.

The IMGBC Office recognizes the possible delays due to COVID-19 in the document verification process on For 2020 CAP cycle only, our office will tentatively accept supporting documents with the status “Reviewed and Accepted” as a placeholder for your CAP application. Please review Step 3 of the Application Process for details.

We encourage you to review the following updates:

MCCQE1 Last Sitting Date Extension – November 8, 2020

The Medical Council of Canada Qualifying Exam Part I (MCCQE1) last sitting date for CAP has been extended to November 8, 2020. MCCQE1 sitting scores after November 8 will not be accepted by CAP.

Re-applying to Clinical Assessment Program

You can take the CAP Multiple Mini-Interview to a maximum of 2 times. The most recent CAP score obtained will be used in your CaRMS application. Previous assessment formats (2018 and prior), will not count towards your attempt limit of 2 times. CAP MMI Scores are valid for 3 years.

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