CAP Multiple Mini Interview

International Medical Graduates (IMGs) are a diverse group from medical schools around the world. Every person’s unique story reflects a broad range of experience, from years of practice to no patient experience at all. As medical education varies widely among IMGs, prior to gaining access to residency in Canada, all IMGs must complete a series of standardized assessments to ensure they meet the minimum Canadian medical education standards and have the required skills to start residency training.

IMGs seeking to be matched to a residency position in British Columbia are required to participate in UBC’s Clinical Assessment Program (CAP). Please note that if you participated in the previous four-week CAP (prior to 2017), you will need to take part in the new one-day assessment to apply to a UBC residency position.

A Multiple Mini Interview (MMI) is a series of independent standardized interviews, each presented at a different station by a different examiner, and each aimed at testing candidates’ competence relative to one of more of the CanMEDS roles. The level of competence being tested is that of a candidate seeking a first year residency position in the Faculty of Medicine at UBC. The MMI assessment will include up to 10 different interview stations, each presenting a different situation in which the candidate is required to respond to questions from an interviewer.

Please refer to the Royal College’s website for information on the CanMEDS roles and Framework please visit

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Medical students in their final year at an eligible international medical school may complete a UBC clinical elective to gain clinical experience.